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Want to stand out from the crowd in the Disney Parks?! You can with a pair of custom ears from my store!

2017 sees Disneyland Paris celebration their 25th Anniversary and what better wa to celebrate it being 'Time to Sparkle' Than with a set of my custom made crystal ears!!

This listing is for a pair of totally amazing hand made 25th celebration Ears - which are ready to Ship!

This is where I will list 25th anniversary designs which are made up and ready to go! So saves you the time waiting for me to make them!! The price will reflect the level of design they are.

The idea behind my ears is that they are designed so that whether you are walking towards people or away from them, everyone in the parks will know you are joining in the celebrations!

These custom ears are made from a variety of high quality materials, I use the best flatback crystals that I have found and they really do sparkle beyond belief! I also use foam and felt to create the basis of the ears, which, if stored correctly, should last a considerable time!

I will be adding listings for different designs as I make them, some of these designs will be one of a kind and others will be available as a regular design if they are popular.

Ears are non refundable as they are a custom item.

As with the ears that you buy in the parks, the nature of the design means that they are delicate if not stored correctly. I ship the ears in cardboard envelopes and recommend keeping the packaging to store and transport them flat. I have worn my ears on all rides and they have stayed in place so they are super sturdy! You may find that you lose a few crystals over time, whilst I use the very best glue money can buy, the nature of crystallised designs is that some may come loose with wear.

Alyssa xx

Disclaimer: My artwork is in no way endorsed by, affiliated with , authorized, licensed, or in any way connected with, the Walt Disney company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of the above mentioned design suggestions or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. I do not own any characters, trademarks, and all of my artwork is simply my interpretation of the characters and /or are merely inspired by those characters but not actual depictions.

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